Rauf Buriro
10 days ago
America😳 and China😮 girls ☺️catch snakes😝 and our 😁models are afraid of lizards too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝 Just for fun jani don't mind 😁😅😅
Rauf Buriro
15 days ago
Chinese government: • "13,000 coronavirus-related deaths recorded in hospitals within a week. "80 percent of the population has been infected with the coronavirus." • The likelihood of a new COVID19 outbreak in the coming months is very low. "
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Rauf Buriro
27 days ago
China's announcement of additional aid of 100 million dollars to Pakistan
Mr. Bharat
4 months ago

IMF Growth Forecast 2023: पूरे विश्व में #भारत रहेगा सर्वश्रेष्ठ। ✨

#india🇮🇳 : 6.1%
#China🇨🇳 : 4.4%
#Japan🇯🇵 : 1.6%
#Canada🇨🇦 : 1.5%
#Mexico🇲🇽 : 1.2%
#Spain🇪🇸 : 1.2%
#Brazil🇧🇷 : 1%
#USA🇺🇸 : 1%
#France🇫🇷 : 0.7%
#UK🇬🇧 : 0.3%
#Germany🇩🇪 : -0.3%
#Russia🇷🇺 : -2.3%
#Ukrain🇺🇦 : -12.6%

कोरोना, तेल के दाम, मंदी, महंगाई, रूस-यूक्रेन युद्ध के बावजूद देश तेजी से आत्मनिर्भर, विकसित और सुरक्षित बन रहा है। यही विश्व गुरु होने के लक्षण है। देश सही दिशा में है।

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Mr. Bharat
5 months ago
If anyone had any #doubt that #Congress works for #China , this will clear their doubt.

Why should CONgress side with China if America is interfering in its internal affairs?

Is this MoU signed by Rahul Gandhi with Chinese Communist Party the reason behind this support to China?

Secondly, they r not allowed yo use National Flag. They are not the representative of India🤔🤨😏

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Mr. Bharat
7 months ago
अब #चीन भी #श्रीलंका की राह पर चल पड़ा है,
कैसे जानिए इस रिपोर्ट से।👇👇👇

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